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Mentor sessions are a great way to gain personal first-hand guidance from someone who is doing exactly what you want to be doing. I offer one-on-one mentoring or we can do a shoot together so you can see exactly what my approach is like, take charge and add to your portfolio. We will go over topics like steps to starting your business, creating a bookable brand, editing in Lightroom, posing & lighting, social media & marketing tips, must-have programs, websites, shooting underwater, portfolio critiques and so much more. Or if you have a few areas within your business you want to focus on and just ask questions, that is totally up to you! You'll also get my 33 page Mentor Guide for FREE.

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Your work and energy are absolutely inspiring. Before I booked the mentor session I was in complete awe of the content that you continually produced. After booking & completing the mentorship call I can honestly say that I feel like I have so many doors opening and so many opportunities that I can tackle with less stress. Not only did I receive wonderful tips, tricks and critiques but I also left the session feeling very validated and uplifted in my work. I struggle with not feeling like I am enough and I can say without a doubt that you definitely helped me concur that. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to hop on a call with you in the future! 



Deciding to take the opportunity of a one-on-one mentor session with Taylor has given me more insight and courage in establishing myself in photography as a profession, rather than just a serious hobby. Our discussion, although centralized mainly on photography and its logistical aspects, she shared her passion in shark conservation and environmental efforts, and how that has shaped her lifestyle and her personal approach to photography. I felt super comfortable as she answered all the questions I had with much enthusiasm, down to the last minute. I very much look forward to applying her guidance and advice to my own work and content!



I like to think I'm a pretty weird person. I am also super spontaneous (I moved to Hawaii in 4 hours notice), I laugh a lot, tell embarrassing stories about myself and I am an open book. If I'm not behind my camera on land, you can definitely find me behind my camera in the ocean. I have a deep love and some sort of obsession with sharks. The ocean has my heart and I want to share that with you! 

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Taylor Walston

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