The truth is, the world has enough fluff. We have enough "perfect" and honestly, we need more real. I'm not one for surface level conversations and I deeply value being a change maker.

Photography is not only a creative outlet for me, but also a way to deepen my connection with the planet and other humans. This space is where all of my passions meet and I hope will resonate with you on a meaningful and impactful level. I strive to serve my clients in many different avenues and those who step into this space simply to connect with me or who have shared passions.

I am a PADI Ambassadiver and certified level 1 freediver and certified Open Water Scuba Diver currently working on higher certifications and use those skills to spread awareness for ocean conservation. I spend a lot of time behind my camera and on boats! One thing you need to know about me is I am a down person. I swim with sharks, there is not much I am not willing to try so run anything by me and let's see what we can create together! 

HI, I'M TAYlor

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My Why

Presence over Perfection 
Slow, intentional living
Sustainability; both in life and in business
Influencing the world around me
Soulful storytelling

I believe in

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Cobian and I met on a beach on the north shore in 2019 and very shortly after, were wildly inseparable. We just got married on July 23, 2022. Though this business is my baby, he also works along side me creating videos for my couples, various social media and content creation projects, and his own projects as well. He's a super creative human and I love that we get to explore these creative spaces and the ocean together.

We're goofy love-bugs, too!

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Never forget the nights we felt alive.

You're down to make a new friend and don't only view our working together as something transactional. I really invest in my people!

You're a lover of laughter, can take a good (sometimes inappropriate) joke and don't take things too seriously! 

You value adventure,  spontaneity and can roll with the punches.


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