I’m guessing you’re here because you are (A) a couple looking to take pictures that aren’t posed and boring or (B) you’re a photographer trying to figure out how the heck to ditch the normal, traditional prompts. If you’re a photographer, this post is geared more toward clients but you should definitely take a read and share this with your couples. Then come back next week! I’m going to be publishing a blog specifically for photographers because we have so much to talk about! Today we’re talking about taking soulful couples pictures and how our couples can help us do that.

Taking Soulful Couples Pictures

You’re probably wondering what I mean by taking “soulful” pictures. I’m talking about pictures that make you feel something when you see them, almost on a soul level. In the “show, don’t tell” type of way. I love when I see even just one picture from a session and it hits me in my stomach or in my heart. Not just a thought, we’re talking deep feeling.

I want you to first stop reading and talk about, or think about, what you don’t want out of your pictures. I’m going to take a wild guess and say these are some things you don’t want:

  • Boring
  • Posed
  • Stiff and still
  • Looks like everyone else’s pictures
  • Awkward
  • Running out of ideas and inspiration

Am I right? Now stop and think about what you do want. Does it look something like:

  • Adventurous
  • Silly, funny, goofy, happy, emotional and the vast forms of human emotions
  • Unique
  • Candid and real
  • Flowing with inspiration

The bottom line is not only are we in the business of capturing epic photos full of feeling, but we’re creating an experience. People tend to think photographers just show up and make magic when in reality, we can’t create those WOW moments without the help of our clients and also doing the work and research on our end to know our clients enough to facilitate a comfortable and fun environment for you (which we’ll talk about more next week)!

Here are a few things you can do as a client to help your photographer truly create magic with you:

  • Bring props that are unique to you
    • Love pizza? Let’s grab some pizza
    • Wine people? Heck yeah, bring some
    • Animal lovers? Bring your pets
    • Photographers/videographers? Bring some gear
    • Wanna get cozy by a fire? Campers? Let’s do it
  • Come prepared to be emotionally available
    • I get it, we all get in tiffs. If you’ve been in a tiff with your partner recently, set those feelings aside and come ready to just love each other
    • Come ready to be present and drown out any noise
    • Be ready to get weird together and try something new
    • Have an open mind
  • Pick a location that you two love or that has meaning to you
  • Choose outfits that fit the vibe and also are true to you and your style (ask your photographer for a Pinterest board for Inspo)
  • Instead of finding inspiration from other photographers, take a look at movies and music that you love. What scenes hit home for you and just make you feel all the feels? What music makes you feel alive?

There are a few things I wish I could tell every single person before taking pictures

  • If there are people around, you will probably never see them again so ignore them and just have fun
  • Set aside any ego
  • Remember you only live once so you might as well say to heck with it and try new things and get out of your comfort zone- it’s fun!
  • There has never been a WOW photo that was created from the comfort of a box
  • Do an intention check with your partner first and get on the same page about what you’re hoping for out of your pictures together

Your mind-set is everything.

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How To Take Adventurous, Soulful and Creative Couples Photos- for couples

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