Cobian and his dad worked on restoring this cutie boat all summer. We named her the Tipsy Turtle and she’s our new favorite way to explore and create together! She’s had a few issues with the engines so each time had previously attempted to get out on the sandbar, we got there and the engines wouldn’t start! Even after fixing those issues- but boats are like cars. And the engines are *vintage*. Up until our recent trips, though she was working perfectly for fishing missions.

But she was finally ready to hit the water again so the very next day, we headed out to the sandbar to spend a morning out on our boat and explore (I say “our boat” but really, it’s Cobian’s baby). We got there just before sunrise and not only did we have perfect conditions, but we were also the only ones there!

So we whipped our camera out to document some of what our morning looked like and create some things.

The Tipsy Turtle is by far our best investment yet.

A Morning Out On Our Boat | Tropical Lifestyle Shoot

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