Kinsey & Stewart booked a multiple hour adventure session with me and we had planned for months then on the day of our adventure, I woke up with an entirely new and, in my opinion, better idea! So I called Kinsey and told her about this epic new plan, she said yes absolutely, I trust you!

So I got up and gathered the gear- camera equipment, a kayak and surf board and made my way to where our journey would begin. We paddled out and before reaching our destination, Kins and Stew jumped in the somewhat clear and beautiful water and kept on our journey to reach a tiny island off the coast of Oahu. With my experience in the ocean, they trusted that I would take care of them and they know safety is my #1 priority.

Once we made it to the top of the mountain of an island of nothing but mountain and beautiful plant-life, we reached our destination; the palms 🌴

Then we made our way back to shore with plenty of time to let them dry and snag a few photos on a beach nearby.

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Couples Adventure In Hawaii | Kinsey + Stewart

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I'm Tay, a photographer and educator based in Hawaii. My passions are sharing stories of love, from couples to adventure elopements. And I am also an underwater and brand photographer with a heart for creating impact.  


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